February 20-24, 2019 Miami Beach
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A Riedel Champagne Tasting Seminar:
“Does the Glass Make a Difference?”

Wine Seminar presented by Bank of America

Friday, February 22
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Important Info
  • Indoor
  • Seated
  • Smart Casual
  • Wines
  • 21 years of age and older


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A Journey of the Senses!

Does the shape of a glass influence our perception of champagne? Join Maximilian Riedel, CEO of Riedel, as he guides you through a champagne and glass experience like no other. You will explore prestigious champagnes and how the glass shape can transform your tasting experience. A complimentary tasting set, to take away afterwards, will feature several of our glasses crafted to enhance different champagnes.


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