Kosme Sanchez

Kosme Sanchez

Chef and entrepreneur Kosme E. Sanchez has been a part of multiple James Beard award-nominated establishments in recent Miami, Florida history. Working alongside such chefs as Brad Kilgore at Alter Miami, a restaurant known for its elements of molecular gastronomy, Chef Kosme was a part of the team that succeeded in being named semifinalists on several occasions.

Apart from JBF...

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Chef and entrepreneur Kosme E. Sanchez has been a part of multiple James Beard award-nominated establishments in recent Miami, Florida history. Working alongside such chefs as Brad Kilgore at Alter Miami, a restaurant known for its elements of molecular gastronomy, Chef Kosme was a part of the team that succeeded in being named semifinalists on several occasions.

Apart from JBF award nominees, Chef Kosme has been a high-ranking chef in Miami’s thriving culinary restaurant scene for over a decade now designing intricate menus and executing amazing dishes for Miami New Times & Miami Herald distinguished restaurants in the top echelon of eateries. Restaurants such as Ichimi, Estatorio Milo’s, Byblos, The Meat Market, Swine, and another James Beard semifinalist Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, where he had the pleasure of working alongside well-known chef Jeff McInnis.

Several factors contribute to setting this versatile and innovative chef apart. To know Chef Kosme is to experience his food, a vast array of culture fused with the numerous disciplines ingrained through a lifetime of studying the kitchen. The story of Chef Kosme begins as a troubled youth in Miami’s Little Havana subsector growing up near the infamous Orange Bowl/Citrus Grove neighborhood during the cumbersome 1990s. From those dangerous streets, Chef Kosme finds solace at the tender age of 16 cooking at a local International House of Pancakes (IHOP). Quickly learning the skills needed to being considered a top-tier short order cook gave Chef Kosme the attention necessary to becoming sought after by local franchise owners. Known for his speed and effectiveness in completing high volumes of orders, he was eventually asked to compete in local chain competitions such as “fastest pancake maker”. Those humble beginnings along with the memories of growing up in the kitchen observing two generations of Cuba’s most talented chefs, his grandmother Rafaela Peraza and his mother Librada Sanchez inspired him to follow a formal path in the culinary arts.

Being accepted to Johnson & Wales University in North Miami was an important part of Chef Kosme’s progression as he gained the educational structure to complement his real-world experience. Completing his studies at JWU, Chef Kosme left Miami for Jersey City, New Jersey where he began working temporarily at an IHOP there only to unlock a passage into New York City’s mecca of amazing restaurants. Chef Kosme landed a position at a Manhattan local bistro where he learned the magic of maximizing and capitalizing on your inventory.

Those New York City experiences parted him a wealth of knowledge that prepared him for future positions as he returned to school for graduate studies at the internationally revered Le Cordon Bleu Institute in Orlando, Florida. Relocating to Orlando meant having to work as well as study in order to maintain his growing family. The first restaurant there proved to be another stepping stone in his vast culinary vault of knowledge. Launching his career in Lake Buena Vista as a lead line cook at Walt Disney World’s Chef de France restaurant allotted him the opportunity to apprentice under Jerome Bocuse, son of legendary Paul Bocuse. The discipline and meticulous traditions behind French cuisine appealed to his nature and quickly became a part of Chef Kosme’s technique as he further developed his skills. His time in Orlando also included opening up his first restaurant as head chef at Paradiso 37, designing a menu for the first time that included all of Latin America’s traditional dishes under one umbrella demonstrating diversity within one culture, a vision he carried out quite well gaining the attention of the local culinary press. Other notable tenures in the Orlando/ Kissimmee area included the Samba Room and local Italian chain Timpano’s consecutively. All the elements of Italian, Spanish, and Latin American cuisine along with his French culinary education came together for the first time to create the diverse palate by which Chef Kosme’s dishes are so highly regarded and recognized.

Completing his time in Orlando and well equipped with the educational background of two of the most prestigious culinary institutions in the world along with a decade of hard work, Chef Kosme returns to the Miami of his youth to resume his life in the kitchen. His longtime appointment at The Meat Market Miami Beach alongside Chef Sean exposed him to the world of meat. Everything there is to know from the selection to the preparation and execution of meat is a product of his time working as a sous chef under Sean Brasel. While working at The Meat Market he was asked to help launch nearby Yardbird Southern Table & Bar and later Swine Southern Table & Bar. Climbing the hierarchy from Sous Chef to Execturive Sous Chef, he focused while at Swine and Yardbird on the traditions of smoking meat, traditional barbecue and down home Southern American classics all thanks in part to his time with Jeff McInnis.

Setting the pace in such a short time, Chef Kosme added to his culinary melting pot the essence of Mediterranean cuisine launching Turkish rooted Byblos and studying the way of the Greeks at Estatorio Milo’s proving once again that the more you know the better. Chef Kosme truly came into fruition under all these different influences at Ichimi, his first take as Head Chef in an Asian environment, fusing together some Japanese classics such as ramen with elements of his Latino background. Broth in soup is commonly essential to both cultures and Chef Kosme found a way of utilizing his grandmother’s broth technique in an Asian kitchen.

Recognition became widespread throughout Miami-Dade county as he once again became a sought after culinary commodity. Well known for his precision, creativity, uniqueness, and dedication to food, Chef Kosme landed a Chef De Partie position under Brad Kilgore at Alter Miami and focused on the detailed procedures involving molecular gastronomy. Along this same timeline, he designed menus and established kitchens for three highly-rated new restaurants, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, Palat & Astra’s Rooftop Bar.

It has been a prolific career path that has led Kosme E. Sanchez to where he is today. Being a proud father and dedicated chef have contributed to achieving tremendous success in the kitchen. These days Chef Kosme is often called upon to serve as a consultant for emerging restaurants in addition to maintaining a strong social media presence (@chef_kosmo) keeping him in the public eye. His latest endeavors include Palat, Astra Rooftop, and Bar and Vista; have become a destination point for visitors of all classes to the neighborhoods of Miami basing his menu on cooking with locally sourced, fresh ingredients that appeal to his patrons. Despite an ongoing global pandemic, Chef Kosme strives to begin new chapters in his career most recently establishing his first mobile kitchen/ food truck venture located in the Orlando/ Winter Haven area, @da_chef_truck, operating successfully to date. To say the least, wherever Chef Kosme applies his expertise in food, people & culture, success follows. To Kosme E. Sanchez, food is a never-ending chain of events, never settling for consistency for it is death and driving diners to consume on a daily basis. To put it mildly in Chef Kosme’s own words, “People gotta eat…” and what better place to do it than wherever he is cooking.

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