February 20-24, 2019 Miami Beach
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The Future of Alternative Proteins: Sustainability, Cultural Barriers & Messaging

Friday, February 22
12:45 PM - 1:15 PM
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  • Casual
  • Outdoor
  • Spirits
  • Wines
  • 21 years of age and older


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Join Gabriele Corcos and Hugo Ortega for an in-depth discussion about alternative proteins and their role in our future eating habits.

How can we work to incorporate alternative proteins and “non-Western” ingredients as part of our diets, and how can they help us become more sustainable?  Many cultures around the world have historically embraced entomophagy - insects have been part of certain cultures for centuries, and are regarded as “normal” ingredients in the daily diet. On the other hand, Western cultures have “evolved” their eating habits away from certain food categories throughout history, landing themselves into a sustainability conundrum.  Demand for animal proteins has resulted in excessive co2 emissions and consequent pollution, a progressive degradation of protein quality, “not-anymore-humane” farming practices, and ultimately has sparked a social awakening in both the industry and in the minds of consumers. We will tackle these issues during this panel discussion in an attempt to normalize the conversation between consumers, insect farmers and communication outlets, like print and TV.

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