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Stephanie Vitori

Cheeseburger Baby

If you are looking for a delicious burger in the Magic City, it isn’t too hard to find. But if you’re looking for the original, look no further than Cheeseburger Baby.

Known to many locals as “CBB,” delivery driver turned owner, Stephanie Vitori, purchased the store back in 2004. With a lot of blood, sweat and love for all things meat, she transformed it from a South Beach dive to a must for celebrities and tourists alike. After completely revamping the original location, getting a food truck on the road and opening a second location in Little River all in the last few years, Steph’s Cheeseburger Baby has become a South Florida staple.

With the simple business model, “Keepin’ it classic,” Cheeseburger Baby only serves the freshest beef, bread, toppings, condiments, and customer service found in the Magic City. From morning to almost sunrise, their doors are kept open to simply keep their customers happy. And well fed, of course.

More about Stephanie Vitori

What is your ultimate comfort food?To be honest, I made a business out of my ultimate comfort food: a cheeseburger, baby! A delicious ground beef patty grilled on a flat top with a char crust, medium rare (you know Pittsburgh style-where I was born & raised) with all the toppings. White American or Havarti cheese, crispy apple wood smoked bacon, a fried egg and a soft toasted bun. Well, that is simply heaven and what I still to this day find joy in serving to our customers.If you weren't a chef, what would you be?I would be a news anchor, lol, like for E News. I love Celebrity gossip & reality television. I especially enjoy all the Real Housewives. For once, it keeps my mind off business.What three things are always in your pantry?My wife and I both love to cook, but in our home kitchen, she takes the cake. She keeps us stocked with everything to make an epic charcuterie board, all the fixings for the best Bloody Mary you have ever had and Diet Coke. I know, I know, Diet Coke is terrible for you, but we all have a vice, OK?If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?Oof this is hard because I'm a foodie. I literally plan vacations around food. Anthony Bourdain because I believe he has no fear. Rachel Ray & Anne Burrell are bad ass inspirational women in the kitchen & I love both their personalities. Paula Deen & Martha Stewart all day because they use real butter, make their own mayonnaise & everything they cook or bake is something I wish I could even eat once a week, let alone every day. Francis Mallmann & Mossimo Bottura because Francis likes char on his food & I'm a grill girl, plus char is good for digestion, & Mossimo beacuse he's Italian, as I am, and he saved the freaking parmigiano reggiano wheel, he's a Hero!