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Carballo Vicky HS 275x275 - Carballo, Victoria

Victoria Carballo

Dos Croquetas

Vicky Carballo was raised in a Cuban kitchen in Miami. She remembers her “Abuelita Tete” patiently rolling ham croquetas on the kitchen table, making sure each one was perfectly formed and uniform. She recalls every wrinkle in her grandmother’s hands and tries to channel that same love and attention to detail with everything she shares with her family and clients. From her beginnings in culinary school, years of catering and culinary travels, Vicky is constantly tasting and savoring, visiting eateries & farmers markets on the hunt for new experiences that will inspire. To Vicky, food is life, and she tries to celebrate it at every chance she gets.

Vicky partnered with her nephew, Alec Fernandez to create Dos Croquetas, a popular “croqueta speakeasy” that reinvents and elevates the traditional Cuban croqueta to that of artisanal craft. Vicky focuses on menu and R&D while Alec focuses on marketing and business development. Dos Croquetas use only the freshest, quality ingredients to create layers of flavor for an “OMFG!” experience. Dos Croquetas pride themselves on treating each customer as family. And just like Vicky’s grandmother enjoyed feeding her family, Dos Croquetas is always searching for ways to indulge and amaze their loyal fan base.

More about Victoria Carballo

What is your ultimate comfort food?: Pizza!!! There's no such thing as bad pizza, but when it's amazingly euphoric pizza, it can solve all my problems for the night. If you weren't a chef, what would you be?: I like really good wine that almost takes your breath away. I'd love to be a vintner and be part of the wine making process. From harvesting, to processing, blending, fermenting; it's all fascinating and beautiful to me. What three things are always in your pantry?: 1. Spicy Hot Crispy Chili. It can go on literally everything. 2. Dried lentils because lentil soup is a staple in my house and my kids absolutely love it. 3. Popcorn goes great with a good bottle of wine (my dinner sometimes). If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?: Richard Blais! I think he's a culinary genius and his creativity seems effortless to me. I could watch him cook all day.