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Peter Vauthy

Red, the Steakhouse

Executive Chef Peter Vauthy

Red, the Steakhouse in Miami, Fla. 

Staying true to his homegrown roots and consistency in quality, Executive Chef Peter Vauthy has earned a loyal following of patrons who revel in his culinary creativity, off-the-menu offerings and unparalleled ingredients. Chef Vauthy’s envelope-pushing approach to cuisine stems from a marriage of tradition and innovation, and thrives on his unique perspective on the classics. 

Vauthy joined Red Restaurant Group in 2001 to lead the team at Moxie, the Restaurant – named one of the top 50 restaurants in the country under his watch – before opening Red, the Steakhouse in Cleveland. With a widely successful opening under his belt, Chef Vauthy took his expertise to Miami Beach to open Red, the Steakhouse in 2008. 

Despite Miami’s notoriously competitive dining scene, Chef Vauthy’s well-established restaurant continues to thrive with flavors that consistently shine through on Red, the Steakhouse’s menu. His secret? Relationships. Chef Vauthy’s rolodex is his arsenal – filled with contacts that offer him dibs on their freshest catch or latest batch. From fisheries to local farms, personal contacts ring Chef Vauthy first when new ingredients become available. 

This “phone-to-table” approach results in daily specials like fresh Alaskan King Crab flown in straight from the Bering Sea, scarce finds like spiny Brittany blue lobster, and batches of Porcini mushrooms the size of a hand. These ingredients are complemented by Chef’s commitment to exclusively serving Certified Angus Beef Prime, a standard reached by only 1.5% of all beef. 

Armed with profound knowledge of the industry and love for cooking, Chef Vauthy’s expert interpretation of  “classic steakhouse” cuisine and consistently bold, pure flavors have landed Red high on award lists, including OpenTable’s 2015 Diners’ Choice and Zagat’s 2015 list of the 8 Sexiest Restaurants and Bars in Miami. 

Since relocating to South Florida, Chef Vauthy has also played a key role in the country’s largest wine and food festival, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, participating annually in the coveted “Best of the Best” Chef event. Red also gained national recognition on Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” after Zimmern himself indulged in Chef Vauthy’s ten-pound Alaskan King Crab. 

Rounding out his repertoire, Peter is a bit of a social maven, keeping his Instagram and Twitter accounts (both are @RedSteakhouse) full of drool worthy shots, delivering an insider’s look to his latest and greatest culinary creations and a behind-the-scenes peek into his kitchen. The otherwise private chef also offers up a bit of his personal side and lifestyle pursuits in occasional shots that feature his two dogs, Peanut and Capone – his other true passions.