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Johnny & Ainsley Tsokos


As a team, Ainsley & Johnny have launched​ and built ​​successful businesses ​up the coast from Miami ​to Toronto​. A highlight of their combined talents was a gourmet food company ​called Bread & Tulips, whose ​success was built on fresh ingredients and bold flavors, getting them front-and-center placement in many fine food stores​ and helping them become a staple in many home pantries.

​Now, in Miami’s thriving Upper East neighborhood, and with dozens of years of experience in the food and​ hospitality industry between them, Ainsley & Johnny are excited to ​continue ​serving​ their community ​at ​Cream Parlor.​ Their passion for food and community have helped build a unique environment that truly feels like you are stepping into their home with a welcome embrace.

More about Johnny & Ainsley Tsokos

What is your ultimate comfort food?We both love sweets of course! ​Ainsley would choose one of our Colossal Sundaes with Purple Rain Ice Cream, smothered in Nutella and Whoppers with one of our homemade "God Save the Queen" English Toffee cookies placed on top of it, while Johnny's favorite is our very own Brownie Mountain creation, made with an enormous Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie and two generous scoops of Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven, topped with anything chocolate, for sure!If you weren't a chef, what would you be?​Both of us would be in something that builds up our community. On the one hand, Ainsley ​would open a ​non​-profit ​home​ for ​​girls​ in need, giving them ​the ​skills​ and empowerment to make a positive difference​, and Johnny always dreamed opening a school ​that focused on bringing out the true potential of children while developing their creative side.What three things are always in your pantry?We always have butter, flour and spices in our pantry. ​If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?​Ainsley would cook with Anthony Bourdain​, because she feels like he has ​a​ broad spectrum of knowledge about cooking a​s well as​ travel​;​ ​she​ feel​s​ no matter where ​they​ would find themselves in the world​,​ ​they​ would create the ​most​ gorgeous dishes and have the very best time.​ Johnny would want to cook with Jamie Oliver, as he feels Jamie balances ingredients so well, while keeping an eye on the overall health of those he cooks for without sacrificing flavor, something that Johnny feels is important in his own practice.