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One of Todd Zimmer’s earliest memories is of watching his father enthusiastically and passionately prepare meals for his family on the weekends. The South Florida native grew up in Fort Lauderdale and always aspired to learn to cook like his father. In high school, Zimmer got his start at a local catering company called Hugh’s Catering, where he learned the ins and outs of prepping, cooking and serving food. Though he entered college in North Carolina as an aspiring law student, Zimmer quickly realized that his passion lay in the culinary arts and went on to earn a degree from the culinary school at Johnson & Wales University. After graduating, Zimmer returned to Fort Lauderdale and landed a job at Darrel and Oliver’s East City Grill, where he quickly ascended the ranks to sous chef. The owners recognized his aptitude in the kitchen and offered him a job at their sister restaurant, Café Maxx, where he worked for several years before being recruited to Mark Militello’s Mark in the Park. This serendipitous encounter put Zimmer in contact with Chef Mike Sabin, who eventually left the restaurant in Zimmer’s command. A few years later, Sabin made another appearance in Zimmer’s life – this time to recruit him to move to South Beach and assist with the opening of a new restaurant called Prime 112, which was helmed by restaurateur Myles Chefetz. Over the years, Zimmer continued to oversee Prime 112 and the Myles Restaurant Group empire, and has also assisted with the opening of Prime Italian and Prime Fish. He currently works as Corporate Executive Chef for Myles Restaurant Group and manages the kitchens of Prime 112, Prime Fish and Prime Italian. Though he has come a long way from his family kitchen, Todd Zimmer still draws inspiration from his father. His philosophy is that food should be prepared simply and with passion, and this is evident in his work. Although his line of work entails managing a large team at Prime 112 and ensuring that the kitchen runs seamlessly, Zimmer appreciates the challenge and infuses his love for cooking into everything that he does. He draws satisfaction from providing world-class cuisine that leaves a lasting impression on guests, and is continually working to master his craft even further.