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Roberto Santiago

Shooters Waterfront

Roberto’s love for food and cooking started early in his life. The youngest of four siblings, his training began in the kitchen with his mom and grandma in Puerto Rico where family dinners were an everyday event. At the age of 15, Santiago convinced a local bar owner to let him make appetizers for his patrons out of a small kitchen in the back for tips. Soon after he finished high school, Santiago realized that to make his passion a career he had to go to culinary school.  He moved to Florida in 1998 and while attending The Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale, he worked his way through positions in the kitchen of restaurants such as Timpano’s, Samba Room and Michael’s kitchen. 

After finishing school in 2003, he accepted a position offered by Chef Agustin with the Compass Group.  In this new business environment, he developed different skills desired in big production kitchens in the hospitality industry. 

Santiago’s flavors are deep rooted in his Latin culture and combine unique ingredients with simple techniques that give typical dishes a fresh twist. He believes that good food has to be made from scratch using the freshest ingredients available. He also portrays his belief that a positive working environment and a good leader are essential to lead a good team in the proper direction towards excellence even under unexpected adverse circumstances. 

At Shooters Waterfront he is looking forward to strengthening his team, exploring new menu ideas and continuing in his effort for making the dining experience of his clients better and desirable every day.   

More about Roberto Santiago

What is your ultimate comfort food?asopao de pollo (chicken & rice soup)If you weren't a chef, what would you be?zookeeperWhat three things are always in your pantry?siracha, rice, beansIf you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?my grandma