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A veteran of the hospitality and entertainment industry, I consider myself a “born again ice cream maker”! What began as a hobby in 2008 with a woman I loved dearly, has turned into a passion and a profession. My road has had many detours, but sometimes you “gotta do what you gotta do” in order to get to what you were born to do.

Melody is my 5 year old daughter and the light of my life. My goal through this company is two-fold. To craft the most creative and best textured ice cream I possibly can…and to leave her a lasting legacy she can be proud of.

More about Mike Romeu

What is your ultimate comfort food?Brownies! My absolute weakness!If you weren't a chef, what would you be?A musician. I've been one my entire adult life actually.What three things are always in your pantry?Tahitian vanilla, because there is simply no fragrance like it. Good tea. As Sting once said "I don't drink coffee I take tea my friend". Every day. Raw Almonds. Probably my favorite ingredient to use in ice cream.If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?Jeni Britton Bauer. The way she talks about ice cream is seductive and her passion is inspiring and contagious!