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Ralph Pagano

Naked Taco
Ralph Speaks Food.His passion for all things eating, drinking and being merry is translated everyday at his restaurants.

NAKED TACO, on Miami Beach is a full on love affair with Ralph and all things Tacos, Tequila and Dia de Los Muertos. Ralph’s kick ass take on the taco is totally chef inspired. Margaritas are frosty, the beer is ice cold and the soundtrack kills it at the DREAM Hotel, where Ralph also owns the HIGHBAR, A 70’s inspired glam rooftop pool overlooking all of South Beach.

At NAKED LUNCH, Ralph shows us where he comes from, with the mash-up of all things Greek Diner and Jewish Deli.

READ: Double thick house smoked hot pastrami & hand cut corned beef sandwiches, potato knishes & cream cheese schmear, sharing the table with Gyros, Greek salads, grape leaves, juicy burgers & frappes.

Ralph has been to Hell and Back with Gordon Ramsay, battled IRON CHEF VS Bobby Flay and is internationally known as the PRESSURE COOK.

A true expert in food and drink, Ralph’s signature style of great food + great drink = good time is recognized world wide.

New York City born and bred, Ralph has travelled the world, searching out its flavors and bringing them back home.

His company, YES HOSPITALITY GROUP, specializes in one thing: making guests happy.

To sum it all up Ralph is a: Sometimes TV host, part time radio host, published author, acclaimed restauranteur, pretty good husband and loving dad.