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Nedal Ahmad

Pincho Factory

Having spent his childhood in the kitchen with the women in his family, Nedal Ahmad grew up with not only a passion to cook, but also to create. Chicago-born and Hialeah-raised, Ahmad worked in the restaurant business most of his young adult life and honed his talents for cooking from a very young age.

At a family barbecue in 2010, while making his family-famous burgers and taking turns with his cousin Otto Othman – who was grilling up some of his mother’s equally-famous meat and vegetable skewers, the duo cooked up more than just delicious food. Looking to make changes in their careers, Ahmad and Othman decided that these simple elements – burgers and kebabs  – would make the perfect springboard for a successful fast casual chain. The dream was hatched: to open their own restaurant, serving delicious burgers and skewers of undeniable quality, made with the freshest ingredients.

With $6.27 left in his bank account and his friends and family by his side, Ahmad’s journey led to what is now one of South Florida’s most homegrown fast casual success stories. On the heels of its win of the 2015 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival Amstel Light People’s Choice Award, Pincho Factory is rapidly expanding its South Florida presence. 

About Pincho Factory

Founded in 2010 by cousins Nedal Ahmad, Otto Othman and Nizar Ahmad, Pincho Factory, Inc., is a family-owned, Miami-based fast casual culinary brand.  A dining concept centered around an eclectic menu of burgers and kebabs, Pincho Factory has gone from an in-the-know locals’ secret to a well-known Miami concept, gracing many national foodie “must try” lists.  Now with seven South Florida locations, more in the works and franchising in place, this unique concept is preparing for major expansion.  Serving elevated street food in vibrant, casual spaces – perfect for a lunch away from the office or a late-night bite with family or friends – Pincho Factory is both something uniquely Miami and, like the city of its birth, very international.    

More about Nedal Ahmad

What is your ultimate comfort food? Pizza, Burgers, and Tacos. If you weren't a chef, what would you be? Sane...haha. Honestly, knowing what I know, I can't picture myself anywhere other than the food industry. What three things are always in your pantry? Hot Sauce, Harina P.A.N., and Chocolate. If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be? Anne Burrell