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Michael Castellon


Michael Castellon

The son of a chef in South Florida and raised inside kitchens as a child.. Inspired at a very young age, and right out of high school and into the kitchen!
After finishing school, Michael began working with Legal Seafoods, working from the bottom all the way up to sous chef. After a few years building skills in corporate kitchens, it was time for a change. Michael found his niche in fine dining. 11 Maple Street served as the inspiration for developing his own style of French-Asian fusion cooking.

After a few years Later, Michael became executive chef of “On the Edge”, a seafood-based restaurant in Fort Pierce, Florida.
Michael got the chance to do a lot of creating his own dishes, team building, and work with some of the most freshest local seafood.

After three productive years, Michael moved on to work at local eatery “Almond” in Bridgehampton, NY. Michael found himself in a different world of cooking, beyond inspired by the growers and products available to him. Michael was asked to became the Chef de cuisine and made new friends with local farmers and fisherman. The sustainability and the locality opened his mind to new ideas of cooking. 3 plus years at Almond with Chef Jason Weiner was an amazing experience.

After Almond, Michael moved to NYC and worked for Joey Campanaro and Michael Price at “Market Table” for a few months and and also appeared on Food Network’s show “Chopped.” He is currrently working as a private chef and developing his own catering company. He is happy to be working and living near his brother, Thomas, who works at “Lincoln Restaurant” as a sous chef. Together, the brothers will get a chance to collaborate, as they did when they were young pizza cooks in Florida, on a unique burger that is an expression of their Spanish-Italian heritage and their commitment to local ingredients.

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What is your ultimate comfort food?: French Cuisine and southern cooking cuisine. If you weren't a chef, what would you be?: A Bail Bondsman What three things are always in your pantry?: Pasta, coffee, and chocalate If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?: Bobby Flay or Jean George