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Lorenzo Lapi


Chef Lorenzo, a Florence native with extensive experience working in Michelin Star rated restaurants in Italy and Switzerland, came to Miami 5 years ago to share his authentic interpretations of la Cucina Italiana. Chef Lorenzo comes as most Fiorentinos do, from a food loving family. His earliest memories of looking for truffles in the Tuscan forests with his father and the smells of his granmother’s kitchen shaped him as a person and as a chef. He decided to take his passion to as many people as possible and found that opening a gourmet food truck was a good challenge to take on. Against most conventional wisdom which would have us believe that food trucks are a market for burgers and tacos, Chef Lorenzo’s Il Fiorentino won Miami’s best food truck in 2014, with dishes ranging from homemade potato ravioli with parmesan fondue to braised octopus and beet rissotto, surprising the Miami food truck scene and creating a cult following for his fine dining experience on wheels. He’s now in the process of opening his first brick and mortar which will bring the most authentic and inventive italian cuisine to the Miami restaurant scene.