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Laura, Mario E. & Eduardo Padrino

Padrino's Cuban Cuisine

Family-owned and operated for more than four decades, Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine has been serving South Florida authentic Cuban recipes made from the freshest ingredients since 1976. With their father Mario Sr. continuing at the helm as president of the family business, a third generation of Padrino’s have since joined on to lend a hand in running their longtime tradition of culinary excellence. Together, they work to further their family legacy, roots, and passion for sharing Padrino’s acclaimed Cuban cuisine with their loyal patrons throughout Florida.

Mario E. has served as vice president and chief financial officer for Padrino’s since 2010, overseeing all day-to-day operations of finance and administration for its five locations in Orlando and South Florida. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and his Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He attended college based on the notion that he would utilize the knowledge and tools that his studies equipped him with to one-day help grow the family business with his siblings, and to carry on the vision of their father and grandfather for the next generation. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening, or going a few rounds with the boxing speed bag for hobby. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Nicole, and their baby boy, Mario Jr. The family currently resides in Plantation.

Laura has served as director of marketing for Padrino’s since 2012, overseeing promotional initiatives and ensuring consistent branding across the board for all Padrino’s locations. She graduated from Florida International University (FIU) School of Hospitality with a major in hospitality management, and a minor in food and beverage management. Prior to taking on her role as director of marketing for Padrino’s, she worked as VIP relations manager at Conrad Miami in Brickell. Laura, however, always knew in her heart that she would one day return to the family business and help grow it together with her brothers. In her spare time, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband, Peter, and their daughter, Eva—whether at the beach, out shopping, or simply laying low at the home where they reside in Plantation.

Eduardo (Eddie) Padrino has served as COO of Padrino’s since 2015, overseeing day-to-day operations for all Padrino’s locations, ensuring they run smoothly, efficiently, and that all are consistent and compliant with company standards. He received a finance degree from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, where he remained after graduating from January 2013 to May 2015, working as an account manager for Trust Building Services. Having grown up in the family business, spending time working in each position within the restaurant—from busboy to manager—he originally set off to attend college with the mindset that he would return home to reprise his role alongside his brother and sister. In his spare time, he enjoys trying new things and exploring new hobbies—from a day at the shooting range, to taking a bonsai class—and of course, spending time with his wife, Cristina, and their new baby, whether out-and-about or just hanging at their home in Plantation.

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What is your ultimate comfort food?: Laura: Brownies Mario E: Cheese (any kind) Eduardo: Chorizo If you weren't a chef, what would you be?: Laura: Probably something to do with interior design Mario E: Really never considered anything outside of working in the family business Eduardo: A cowboy What three things are always in your pantry?: Laura: Milanos, potato/tortilla/pita chips, hummus, and guacamole Mario E: Gilda crackers, dark chocolate, and cheese sticks Eduardo: Cuban crackers, guava paste, and protein bars If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?: Our late grandmother, Rosa