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Jeff Pfeiffer

Executive Chef

Pfeiffer was just 12 when he fell in love with food as he joined his father in the kitchen at dinner time while his mother attended night school. Pfeiffer attended the Art Institute of Atlanta on full scholarship, and graduated in June of 2001 with an Associate of Culinary Arts degree. As sous chef at Brasserie Le Coze, a popular Atlanta brasserie, Pfeiffer catapulted his culinary career. From Brasserie Le Coze, Pfeiffer transitioned to Joel, an acclaimed French restaurant in Atlanta, serving as Chef de Partie Poissonier.

Working with world-renowned chefs like Delouvrier, Ripert, Antunes and Donlick were extremely humbling for Pfeiffer. Aside from challenging himself in the kitchen, Pfeiffer always hopes his food pays homage to the great chefs who have mentored him.

Pfeiffer’s good food philosophy? “Stripped down simplicity. There’s something to say for the ingredients speaking for themselves.” Chef Pfeiffer has a passion for serving his community by donating his time and talents to local charities. In his free time, Pfeiffer enjoys spending time with his wife, Mila, and two children, Livia and Liam.