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Jean-Paul Ortiz

Alaska Coffee Roasting

Founder Michael Gesser started the company in Fairbanks Alaska in 1993. His philosophy is one of providing, preserving and enhancing the purity of the coffee by roasting in house through a process which keeps the oils in the bean and protects the complex flavor each bean holds. Our philosophy is to serve the widest variety of fresh coffee and delicious food and pastries utilizing our local talent and locally sourced food, to create a homemade/from scratch community establishment.

In November 2011, Mr. Gesser opened our North Miami store with his sister Karen Tuvia, head of operations. Together we built a team of local talents head baker, Ashley Polce (Miami Native), graduate from Johnson and Wales Providence with a BA in baking and pastry arts. Our head chef and kitchen manager Micah Terry another graduate of Johnson and Wales, began his culinary endeavors at the early age of 14 and worked his way up the culinary ladder. Micah enhanced his culinary skills as a food specialist in the US Marine Corps.

They infuse our exceptionally aromatic coffee into many of their dishes. Chef Terry’s refined pallet allowed for the creation of our signature espresso BBQ and hot sauces in addition to enhancing our menu, while head baker Polce infuses our coffee into her many desserts, from cheesecake to panna cotta.
Alaska Coffee Roasting produces wonderful wood-fired pizzas in addition to many signature dishes. Our motto is “Celebrating Coffee, the Wine of the Tropics”. We pride ourselves on creating wonderful coffee and food on a daily basis