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Tom Jackson

All Things BBQ

Chef Tom Jackson is a Kansas native, born and raised in Wichita. In 2008 he and his wife moved to Portland, Oregon where he attended Oregon Culinary Institute. Tom studied both Culinary Arts as well as Baking and Pastry while working as a cook in a variety of restaurants. 

After graduating from Oregon Culinary Institute he began working as a bread baker and pastry chef at the renowned Ken’s Artisan Bakery in northwest Portland. He spent more than four years honing his skills under James Beard Award winning chef and owner Ken Forkish. 

In that time he and his wife had their first child, and the draw of home and family grew stronger. Longtime friends of the owners of All Things Barbecue, in Wichita, they returned to Kansas to help All Things Barbecue develop recipes for cooking classes as well as private events. 

Tom has developed his talent for low and slow barbecue while cooking alongside world champion pitmasters including Andy Groneman of Smoke on Wheels (Kansas City) and Brian Misko of House of Q (Vancouver, British Columbia, CA). 

In September 2015 Tom helped the All Things Barbecue team launch a new weekly cooking series on YouTube that has grown to over 80,000 subscribers. The channel is built around the idea of truly teaching people how to cook fantastic recipes no matter what grill they own. Tom’s ability to fuse his culinary arts background with traditional barbecue techniques and the addition of beautifully crafted visuals led the channel to gain a rabid following.

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What is your ultimate comfort food?My family lives on Mexican food, so that's where my comfort zone is, but if we're talking about something that's being prepared for me, it's gotta me Mom's chicken and noodles. Scratch made egg noodles and braised chicken. The consistency lives somewhere between stew and gravy. Pure comfort!If you weren't a chef, what would you be?It'd have to be something that gets me outdoors, like a fly fishing guide. Stay-at-home-dad sounds great, too!What three things are always in your pantry?Black beans, rice, chocolate chips (my son LOVES hot chocolate).