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Duff Goldman

Charm City Cakes

Duff Goldman is a chef, artist, entrepreneur and TV personality.  Duff’s first major

foray into television was on the hit Food Network show Ace of Cakes, which took

place in his famed Baltimore bakery, Charm City Cakes. The show ran for ten

seasons, achieving the rare feat of airing over 100 episodes. Duff has recently

starred in several new shows on Food Network, including Cake Masters, the Baking

Championship series and Dessert Games.

Duff opened his first business, Charm City Cakes, in Baltimore, Maryland in 2002.

Building on the success of that venture, he opened Charm City Cakes West in Los

Angeles in 2012. Inspired by his passion for facilitating creativity in others, Duff

soon thereafter founded and developed Duff’s Cakemix, a DIY cake and cupcake

decorating studio, also located in Los Angeles.

Through partnerships with Tylina Foods (Gartner Studios), Blue Bunny, JAKKS

Pacific, Godiva and others, Duff launched a successful line of branded products,

including cake mix, ice cream, and baking and decorating supplies. Duff-branded

products can be found in Walmart, Target, Michaels and most major grocery chains


Duff can be seen making appearances at food festivals, celebrations, and other major

events around the country, including New York City Wine and Food Festival, South

Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBE), Feast Portland, the International Home +

Housewares Show, and Life is Beautiful, among many others.

More about Duff Goldman

What is your ultimate comfort food?I love to make barbecue, and I think one of the reasons I love it is that it's a process like baking. It's not hard to sear a nice ribeye and have it be tasty, but taking a cut of meat like brisket that's less desirable and tougher, and making something delicious out of it, that's a much longer process. And I feel like the end result tastes much better.If you weren't a chef, what would you be?A musician! I'm actually in a band called Foie Grock with Bruce Kalman (of Union in Pasadena). I play bass and Bruce plays guitar and sings. Our drummer is Bruce's general manager; everybody in the band is in the industry.What three things are always in your pantry?Flour, cumin, and chocolate.If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?Teddy Roosevelt