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George Giampetro

Whip n Dip

I’m George Jr. Many of you locals have been coming to our shop for decades, and we’ve watched you grow up in our community. To us you’re like family and we’d like to celebrate you here with us too. Thank you for your loyalty.

A bit about our history. Whip ‘n Dip started 1985 as a family-run store and till this day we continue to operate that way.

My father, George Giampetro, my mother Nancy, sister Kathy, and myself George Jr have worked the store daily from day one. My sister Kathy spent many hours developing recipes that are with us till this day. Today, it is still owned by my father and managed by myself and my wife Anne Marie. Anne Marie makes new ice cream flavours every Monday morning! We consider our employees family as well, and many of them are still in contact with us today despite having graduated high school and college and “grown up”. We are proud to say that we have 3 marriages under our belt from past employees finding the “love bug” at work.

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