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Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Chef Carlos García attended and graduated from the Hofmann School of Hospitality in Barcelona, Spain. Co-owner of Alto located in the Venezuelan capital since 2007, García completed several internships in multiple renowned restaurants, including El Bulli, El Celler de Can Roca and Mugaritz. From 2003 through 2007, García was the chef at Malabar restaurant in Caracas where he achieved noteworthy awards for his international creative cuisine.  In 2007, the Venezuelan Academy of Gastronomy named García Tenedor de Oro al Chef del Ano. When the prestigious “The World’s 50 Best” list premiered its Latin American chapter in 2013, Alto won The Best Restaurant in Venezuela, earning the 25th spot; it has been awarded The Best Restaurant in Venezuela for four consecutive years.  

García regularly participates in important gastronomic events both inside and outside his native country.  In 2012, García was invited by Slow Food to the Meeting of the Alliance Cooks in Tuscany, and in 2013, he presented a lecture on Venezuelan cuisine in Mesoamerica, Mexico.  In 2014, García joined the project “Food for Soul” by Massimo Bottura in the Ambrosiano Refettorio in Milan.  García also participated in the twelfth edition of Identità Golose Milano in 2016, and in August of that same year, he received a call from Bottura to join the brigade of cooks of Refettorio Gastromotiva, which was taking place during the Olympics that year in Brazil.

Throughout the years, García has emerged as one of the most outstanding chefs in Latin America.  His contemporary Venezuelan cuisine sets forth a unique interpretation of a territory through edible metaphors with constant inquiry into the culinary repertoire and pantry of the country and direct contact with local producers. Among García’s major obsessions is cocoa. Convinced of the value and quality of Venezuelan Creole, García devotes an important part of his work to promoting cocoa as an essential ingredient and staple in his gastronomic discourse.

Garcia is also a founding member and Director of Barriga Llena Corazón Contento,, an initiative that began in July 2016 to feed soup, one of the most nutritious and comforting foods that exists, to the hungry children of Hospital J.M. De Los Ríos in Caracas, as well as for the nurses and doctors who treat them, and to the starving family members of these children. This initiative is a result of Garcia’s conviction that the service industry should also have a social impact and help to build a better country. 

In the fall of 2017, García will open his newest venture, Obra Kitchen Table located in Miami’s downtown Brickell neighborhood. This Latin American concept with international influences will offer homemade dishes with flavors from Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico.

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