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Samuel Alex Fitzgerald


Born and raised in New Zealand, Samuel at the age of 14 started washing dishes on weekends and after school in a small vineyard restaurant in the wine region of Marlborough, at 16 he decided to drop out of school and follow his dream of cooking for a living, he completed his apprenticeship over 3 years at Gibbs vineyard restaurant, every summer season a new team of top Swiss chefs would work in the small restaurant, with guidance and some stern discipline from the senior chefs he developed a very European work ethic and style of cooking.

At age 20 with help from a friend of a friend he landed a job with Jacob brown in Wellington, Jacob is very well known for his nose to tail style of cuisine and his ability to work almost every hour in the day week in week out for years. Samuel worked with Jacob for almost two years learning how to work 18 hours a day and not complain about it.

In 2012 Samuels brother Josh opened his first restaurant in the costal town of Mount Maunganui, Josh was having trouble finding cooks he trusted, Samuel was sleeping on his sofa, he put Samuel to work, four years later Josh had opened 2 more restaurants and Samuel was managing all the kitchens and writing all the menus. One night after a few after work drinks he fell in love with an Argentinean girl and followed her home to Buenos Aries.

In 2016 newly opened Proper Restaurant welcomed a hand washing the dishes and cutting the bread from the non Spanish speaking kiwi, after making a few family meals the owners and cooks of Proper realized Samuel knew his way around in the kitchen, soon after Samuel was running the kitchen in Spanglish. Proper has been open just over a year and a half and is now very well known as one of the best places to eat in Buenos Aries.

More about Samuel Alex Fitzgerald

What is your ultimate comfort food?Ice Cream! in Argentina its called Helado and is really creamy Italian style gelato, the best flavours are anything with Dulce de leche!If you weren't a chef, what would you be?Something where i still have to work with my hands, Carpenter, Builder or MechanicWhat three things are always in your pantry?Maseca flour to make Tortillas, Peanut butter and hotsauceIf you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?One of my First bosses, Her name was Heidi. She was a master baker and pâtissier from Switzerland. She was an amazing personality and had ands of gold for making food, she had a lot to do with what kind of a cook i am today. Sadly she passed away a few years back, i still use many of her recipes so i like to think she lives on!