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Fernando Desa

Goya Foods

Executive Chef, Product Development Manager Goya Foods, Inc.

Fernando Desa is the Executive Chef and Manager of Product Development at Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic-­Owned food company in the United States.

Chef Desa has worked under some of the best chefs of the world including: Master Chefs Rich Rosendale and Peter Timmins of the famous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, also worked alongside the renowned New England Chef, Volker Frick in Kettle Cuisine in Massachusetts and in Puerto Rico with the talented Chef Aaron Wratten at the Horned Dorsett Primavera Resort in Rincon, PR.

Fernando collaborates with the sales, marketing and purchasing departments on exploring the use of new products in Latin America and adapting them to the Goya market. After an extensive culinary research, he incorporates these products in delicious recipes, available to the public through; thus capturing the flavor and traditional methods that have been passed down for generations.

Chef Desa works to preserve the flavors that exemplify the Latin American cuisine for which can be duplicated by the cooks, also explores the possibilities of new products epitome of Goya which is a commitment to authenticity and refined cuisine from all over Latin America.

With more than 2200 food products, Chef Desa strives to meet the expectations of Goya from various databases of customers to being able to create dishes that speak for their changes in lifestyles and dietary requirements. Fernando also provides a great experience and firm connection to the Hispanic culture, based on his great knowledge in the culinary world, participating in both television and radio for the Hispanic market as the Anglo-­Saxon market, cooking for the largest and most important culinary events and also serving as a judge in various competitions of food in the United States and Latin America.