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Fabricio Pareja

Merkado 31

The passion for food and his careful attention to service is what distinguishes our executive Chef Fabricio Pareja; elements that are evident throughout the restaurant chain Merkado 31.Fabricio began his journey into the world of aromas and flavors in the summer of 1998 when he was encouraged by a friend to open a small restaurant on a beach of the South of Lima, Peru. Soon among stoves and ingredients he was surprised by how he liked the work of a kitchen; venturing to open new locations but this time in the competitive capital. After 3 years he had gained a name among the demanding customers of Lima.

When his first son was born he was prompted to reach for more; deciding to leave everything behind in Peru to start from scratch in the United States. it was an intense journey that lasted several years of risks, effort, and dedication. Among the many adventures he undertook to break into a new country was opening a small business delivering rottisserie chicken, along with his business partner and longtime friend; Manuel Verastegui. This experience was a reminder of his passion for cooking.

The business paid off and soon they were able to open Cholo’s Restaurant, name with which they started their expansion. Cholo’s paved the way for Merkado 31; a new concept that offers the exquisite creations of Peruvian cuisine, internationally known for its variety and quality enriched with fusion cuisine from different corners of the world. “Our name synthesizes the search for a space that links us all without distinction. To meet with our guests in the confluence of the best and most varied ingredients to delight those who enjoy of fine dining”.