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Enrique Olvera

Cosme NYC

Mexican Cook. Ruled by constant change. Always exploring. Finding joy in making people happy.

On 2000, after four years studying at the NY’s Culinary Institute of America, he came back to Mexico City to open his first restaurant, Pujol. From there, he proposes a new approach to Mexican cuisine based on the vast universe of ingredients that the country provides, mixing both contemporary and age-old techniques in every instance. Pujol, considered the mothership, has been recently relocated to a new and bigger space which houses a whole different concept, including a kitchen garden and an Omakase Taco Bar.

His constant experimentation, added to a passion for details and the care that underlies the process as well as the products he uses, have translated into discoveries that Olvera shares with diners at Pujol and in his other culinary projects. In the relaxed ambience of his Eno cafés -with four branches in Mexico City- visitors discover simple but savory menus that change with every season. At Moxi -in San Miguel de Allende- ingredients go directly from local farms to diner’s tables.
In Manta -Los Cabos- foregrounds delicacies that come from Mexico’s coasts.

At Cosme -in Manhattan, and his first incursion into the United States- Mexican corn, beans and chiles combine harmoniously with local Hudson Valley products, creating a very authentic proposal, captivating local palates. His second restaurant in NY -Atla- is more focused on a relaxed and comforting cooking style.