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Danilo Bozovic

Employees Only Miami

While bartending for more than a decade I have been competing as well as judging many mixology and flair competitions. A while after winning the first place in the Havana Club Regional Flair Competition in Croatia 2008, Andrija Ristic and myself became the co-founders of Belgrade Bartending Academy, a Bartending School in Belgrade. At that time in Belgrade, I was the bar manager at the night club “Magacin” and the bar manager at the cocktail bar “Crveni Petao” (Red Roster). In “Magacin” is where I meet Dushan Zaric whos invite I gladly accepted and came to Employees Only in 2009. In 2011 I was back at Employees Only, NYC and shortly after that I became the bar manager of Macao Trading Co. After being the bar manager at Macao Trading Co, I have been working on the Barkeep book, a modern day bar book and manual. After publishing Barkeep Book, I have moved down to Miami to be the Bar Manage of Employees Only Miami and Managing Partner. Since then I have been working on the Swizzle Book which should be released by 2019.