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Daniel Serfer


Owner/Executive Chef

Blue Collar & Mignonette (Uptown and Downtown)

After achieving legendary debate champion status in high school, Serfer aspired to become a lawyer. While studying for the LSAT in 2004, he realized his real inspiration came from cooking and not the law.  Serfer was accepted into culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu and upon enrolling he took a job at the James Beard award-winning Chef Allen’s.

Serfer rose from stagé to Chef De Cuisine at Chef Allen’s over the course of five years.  Serfer then decided it was time for a new challenge, this time as Executive Chef at The 15th Street Fisheries & Dockside Café. There, Serfer revamped the restaurant, creating a more modern and approachable menu and increased sales by 30%.

After a stint in New York City, Serfer opened Blue Collar in January 2012.  Serfer found an available restaurant space along Biscayne Boulevard attached to one of the historic motels that line the main thoroughfare.  Armed with a concept for delivering the kind of food that he loved to eat, Serfer packed his bags and moved back home.

In April 2014, Serfer announced the opening of his second restaurant, Mignonette Downtown. Drawing on the success of Blue Collar, Mignonette provides an approachable, fun environment where patrons can enjoy a dozen oysters, classic seafood preparations like Oysters Rockefeller and Clams Casino, and a kickass prime rib. Once again driven to create the kind of restaurant he enjoys, Serfer brings a unique oyster bar experience to the guests who have made Blue Collar so popular.

In January 2017, Serfer wanted to bring something new to his ‘hood of North Miami Beach, opening Mignonette Uptown. Sticking with craveable, soulful and approachable cooking deeply rooted in classic Americana, Mignonette Uptown is that “something new” and is becoming a gourmet neighborhood haunt.

Interviews available upon request.

Media Contacts:

Gabriella Rodriguez/Larry Carrino

Brustman Carrino Public Relations

(305) 573-0658

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