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Brendan Connor began his culinary journey in 1999 while attending college at The College of Charleston   Brendan started as a dishwasher and quickly ascended through the ranks at well known Charleston eateries such as Hominy Grill, Rue de Jean & Anson Restaurant.  His passion for food and culinary arts led him onto his current path and he opened his own restaurant in Miami, partnering with his sister, Kristin Connor.

Whisk Gourmet Food + Catering opened in 2007 as a catering company in Coral Gables. Over the next few years, the catering company evolved into a restaurant and relocated to a larger space in South Miami in 2011.  Using locally sourced, and top quality ingredients, Brendan has received press and accolades for his skilled work in the kitchen creating a true neighborhood restaurant, as well as the biggest honor a chef can ask for, many local regulars!

Brendan lives in Shennandoah with his wife Marilyn, daughter Madison, son Quinn and dog Mona. 

He likes beer, biking and boats, too.

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What is your ultimate comfort food?Chicken Broccoli CasseroleIf you weren't a chef, what would you be?TeacherWhat three things are always in your pantry?Black beans, mango chutney, peanut butterIf you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?Chef Pepin