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Grand Cake - Guzman, Carmen

Carmen Guzman

Grand Cake Cafe

Over 20 years ago, Carmen Guzman started baking birthday cakes for her family becauase she wasn’t a big fan of the store bought cakes. Throughout the years, she started perfecting her recipe and inventing new flavors until she came up with her signature Dominican cake. After baking for so long, she realized she really wanted to open her own bake shop and share her talent at weddings and other events.

In 2010, Carmen went to Le Cordon Bleue to become an official pastry chef. She graduated top of her class and decided to start her own business.It has been a rough start but she has built her clientel to reach from Homestead all to Fort Lauderdale. She is continuing to pursue her dream, expanding her menu to target all types of individuals. Recently, she and her daughter started a line of gluten- free and vegan desserts to cater to the broader audience.

Jaritzas, the daughter, started baking in high school. She would find cookie and brownie recipes, bake them and sell them to her classmates. That is where she developed the love for the kitchen, more particularly, baking. She was always looking for new ideas to inspire her. Recently her friend was diagnosed with cancer and was very limited on what she can consume. Jaritzas looked for gluten-free products and tried her hand at them. Her friend went bananas over the cake and thus began Jaritzas’ quest to make different, great tasting gluten-free and vegan cakes and desserts.

She went to FIU for public relations and decided to apply what she learned to helping her mother promote and build her bakery. Today, she is proudly working alongside her mother to make this bakery dream a reality, She focuses on the specialty cakes and finding clientel to get the bakery on the map.