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Jonathan Borowitz

M25 - Meatmarket

Israel Defense Force                                                                                                               Israel, 1997-2000

Selected as Sergeant commander, led soldiers during training sessions and operational tasks. Cultivated motivation and discipline amongst new enlistees.

Served in an infantry unit, training included:  the quick mobilization of forces, bridging strategic defense lines and assisting a brigade in the crossing of military obstacles.    

Worked closely with high-ranking officers during Israel’s military withdrawal of Lebanon (2000).

Received high acclaims; Nominated for the Israeli president’s ‘Award of Recognition’.

The Israeli Mission to the United Nations                                                                               New York, 2003

Filled an internship position as an assistant to the legal and political advisors of the Mission.

Responsibilities included reviewing and preparing press communiqués and other documents for print.     


New York University – College of Arts and Science                                      January 2004               

Enrolled in a B.A. Political Science program. Courses include: Social movements and revolutions, Theories of democracy, US foreign policy, Western European Politics. 

Minor in History & Economics.

French Culinary Institute                                                                                                         New York, 2001

Completed 600 hours of intensive training in the Classic Culinary Arts program.

Interned and worked at several restaurants in New York focusing on the business as well as culinary aspects of the food industry. 

Past Work

Ministry of Interior / Ministry of Finance – Israeli Government     Jerusalem, 2008

Advisor to the Minister 

Café 48         Tel-Aviv, 2010-2014

Chef & Owner

M25 – Meatmarket       Tel Aviv, 2015

Chef & Owner 

Meat-centered restaurant and butcher shop in the Carmel Market in Tel-Aviv

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