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Augusto Mayer


ASPI, defines himself as self-taught and restless.

Publicist and art director. He discovered a new passion when he decided to leave the publicity and dedicate all his time to the kitchen.

His first steps in a professional kitchen were in a restaurant in Villa Devoto where he learned the office. Then spent 3 years working with Esteban Castro, that’s where he learned how to handle a kitchen with a high volume of production.

Later, he opened his own catering company with his mother who had been cooking for years. A year of dinners behind closed doors, and next to working with Narda Lepes, that’s where the friendship began with Leo his business partner, where together they decided to open Proper, a open kitchen restaurant fueled by wood Fire.

More about Augusto Mayer

What is your ultimate comfort food?A Sunday asado, Argentinas version of BBQIf you weren't a chef, what would you be?I would be an ArchitectWhat three things are always in your pantry?Dulce de leche, coffee and olive oilIf you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?I would like to cook with my grandfather