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5 years at the nations #1 fresh, home diet delivery service “zone chefs” Oversaw the daily operations of the commissary facility which included, building renovations for expansion, inventory control, labor costs for over 100 employees in a 24 hour facility, facility maintenance and sanitation. Quality control over the production and packaging of over 10,000 meals daily. Owner/operator for the delivery service providing deliveries to over 3000 clients daily, executed by over 30 delivery drivers. Project manager for the construction and design for 4 NYC restaurants owned by 1 of the countries top celebrity chefs (Dave Ruggerio) on the upper west side of Manhattan. Opening manager for the 4 restaurants which included staff hiring, training , system and operation development, menu and recipe development for the 4 restaurants. 4 restaurant concepts were, Japanese, Mexican, Italian desert/cafe and Jewish deli. Sushi a GoGo, Jalapeno, Bomboloni and Lanskys Deli General Contractor/designer for a popular NYC bakery, “cupcake stop” General contractor/designer/owner/chef/operator of “The Luncheonette” which became very popular for burgers until the restaurant was overcome by super storm Sandy. Owner designer/contractor of NYCs #1 burger truck “hard times sundaes” chef, owner, designer, contractor and operator of 2 brick and mortar restaurants and 1 bagel shop NYC licensed food handler NYC licensed food vendor NYS licensed pest control specialist

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What is your ultimate comfort food? Pizza If you weren't a chef, what would you be? restaurant contractor What three things are always in your pantry? good olive oil, good salt and good pepper