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Chef Aaron Dreilinger is the Executive Chef and co-owner of Chef David Cuisine and Event Design, one of Miami’s premier gastronomic event planning groups. Chef Aaron and David Schwadron’s kitchen in South Florida is home to incubator project “Zaytouna,” a project started to give Syrian Refugees their own chance at an employee owned retail food company. Zaytouna, with Chef’s help, is employing Syrian women recently displaced from their war-torn home.

Originally a student of sustainable agriculture, Chef Aaron became drawn to the culinary arts at a young age. Aaron began his studies at Australia’s Permaculture Research Institute, and later at the University of Maryland. His cuisine combines elements of American grass-roots ingredients, international influences, and old-world classical culinary tradition. Classically trained and a student of Johnson and Wales University, Chef Aaron draws from extensive travel in The Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, and Australia, while keeping strong ties with American Slow Food. Highlights of Chef Aaron’s career include Corporate Executive Chef of Celebrity Cruises, Sous Chef for Quattro Gastronomia, several Michelle Bernstein projects, and director of nonprofit Earth Learning Foundation’s Community Food Works. Accolades include Slow Food’s “Snail of Approval,” a handful of Presidential dinners, and work with several Food Network productions. Strong ties to South Florida’s farm-to-table movement as well as Miami’s fine dining scene, make for a uniquely delicious background.