Please use this document to request all web edits. All website changes will typically be completed with 1-2 business days of your request.

To streamline the process, please follow these general guidelines:

  • Use one edit, per line
  • For sponsor related requests, please make sure that the edit is pre-approved by management.
  • In “Update Requested by” column, please add your name or initials.
  • In “Sponsor/Chef” column, enter the name of the sponsor or chef for the respective edit. If it is not sponsor or chef related, then leave this column blank.
  • In “Action: Edit Type” column, enter the action item (i.e., “Add logo” or “Delete Logo” or “Update link” or “Add Sponsor to Event Title” or “Update copy” – etc.)
  • In “Page/Full Event Name” column, enter the generic page (i.e., Homepage, About, Sponsors, Volunteer) or the specific event page using the full event name (i.e., Dinner hosted by Stephanie Izard and Dale Talde).
    • Please refrain from entering titles like “Izard dinner” or “Stewart brunch” or “COMO dinner” – this only slows down the process and adds guesswork.
  • In “Action: New Copy or URL” column, please enter the full URL, copy, etc. for the edit you’re requesting. For URLs, please copy and paste the link exactly as it should appear, including the http:// portion.
  • In “Logo Level” column, please include the correct sponsorship level of the sponsor logo, if applicable.
  • In “Note” column, include any notes or additional information necessary for the edit.
  • Completed Edits
    • When an edit is complete, the date will be entered in the “Date Completed” column and the line will be gray highlighted.
    • Once you see the line is grayed out, please double check each edit to make sure it is complete and accurate.


For sponsors who are contracted to receive Juicy Tidbits’ mentions, please refer to the Juicy Tidbits schedule for specs and available dates. The schedule can be found on the second tab (at the bottom) of the Web Updates Google doc. The available sponsorship opportunities are highlighted in Yellow at the top of the document.

*If there are larger web issues, glitches, urgent requests, or questions regarding web edits, Juicy Tidbits and the processes, please email Heather directly at or call her at 305-627-1251.